SMB Threat Data Feeds

Add an extra layer of protection for your customers against malware and ransomware infections.

Malware Patrol has specialized in malware and ransomware for more than a decade. We provide actionable information so your business isn't exposed to cyber threats.

Formatted for easy integration with the most common anti-virus, anti-spam, proxies and threat intelligence platforms, Malware Patrol is ideal for MSPs, ISPs and other small to medium businesses (SMBs) responsible for the security of their customers' e-mail servers, networks and end users.


Unlike most threat data, Malware Patrol's is:

Updated Hourly
Compatible with the most common software and security platforms
Available via download script
Historically rich, spanning over a decade
Instantly activated

Malware Families

Our SMB Threat Data Feeds include active malicious URLs for malware, ransomware, command and control servers (C&Cs) and DGAs.

SMB Data Evaluation

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Data Feed formats:

BIND like DNS Servers block list


Snort IDS (DGAs and C&Cs)

Carbon Black 4.1+ domains IOCs



Carbon Black 4.1+ MD5s IOCs


SquidGuard block list



Squid Web Proxy

ClamAV Virus DB (basic)


Suricata IDS / IPS block list

ClamAV Virus DB (extended)


XML block

Postfix MTA


Comparing Malware Patrol with other solutions?
Read our post "Comparing protection mechanisms" and find out that malware threats cost more to companies than any other attacks.

Subscription options:


SMB 6 months

   12 feed formats

   Updated hourly

   Unlimited downloads  

   7 days money back

   6-month subscript.  

   Easy cancellation

USD $2,179



SMB 1 year

   12 feed formats

   Updated hourly

   Unlimited downloads  

   7 days money back

   1-year subscription  

   Easy cancellation

USD $3,959



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