e-Assets Monitoring System

The most comprehensive e-Assets Monitoring System.

Every day, companies around the world face threats they don't notice until it is too late. Those are risks hiding in a haystack of activities that occur routinely on the Internet. Domains are registered, servers communicate with each other, files are uploaded to web sites, credentials are breached and publicly exposed, even professionally developed kits for creating phishing sites are given away on underground forums.

Monitoring such threats is almost impossible to information security analysts and incident responders already swamped with detected attacks. To help those teams, Malware Patrol created the e-Assets Monitoring System. Users can input their most valuable electronic assets and have the system constantly search for hidden threats. Whenever something suspicious is detected, the e-Assets Monitoring System adds the appropriate information to data feeds that can be consumed by SIEM, alert and monitoring systems, empowering incident response personnel to quickly take point and combat the threats.

The Malware Patrol e-Assets Monitoring Systems is designed to query a number of proprietary databases that range from malware URLs and command and control servers to IP addresses involved in DDoS attacks and stolen credentials.

Constantly search for hidden threats.

Responders can take quick actions.


Integration with SIEM, alert and
      monitoring systems.

Protect your most valuable e-Assets.

The system is a complement to ongoing security efforts. It requires no additional resources or expertise. Unlike traditional brand reputation monitoring services that search for your company on social media and rating sites, our approach is to scour the internet several times a day for instances and variations of your e-Assets.

Small Business

Access to the Threat Intelligence Data Feeds that you need to protect your business and customers.


Access to Real Time Data Feeds & Threat Intelligence essential to the enterprise security strategy.


Threat Intelligence Data Feeds needed to identify & prevent current and future security threats.

Our goal is to provide you with threat intelligence to protect against current and future cyber attacks.

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