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We are a small company of security experts based in São Paulo, Brazil. Our history is one of community spirit and dedication to Internet security. It began in 2005 when a group of like-minded individuals began sharing malicious links through a mailing list.

Since these humble beginnings a decade ago, our block lists have grown to cover millions of URLs and continue to provide threat protection to users in more than 130 countries.

Malware Patrol has always focused exclusively on malware and ransomware because we believe it is important to be a specialist in your field, especially where cyber security is concerned. Equally important to the quality of our data is being part of the open source community. Our worldwide network of malware watchdogs shares information openly and rapidly - just as cyber criminals do.

Globe and mice

To keep our data current and to verify its accuracy, we have developed an automated system that monitors URLs every day for the presence of viruses, trojans, worms, or any other known type of malware. We also monitor the command and control (C&C) systems used by ransomware, such as CryptoLocker. Our team is continually developing the technology used to scour the web for threats and compile it into useful, actionable data.

Our services are available for the protection of private and enterprise network users. For ease of use, data feeds are fully customizable and block lists are available in a variety of formats, compatible with the most popular anti-spam, anti-virus and web proxy systems.

Our mission is to offer accurate and up-to-the minute threat data that assists incident investigations and protects companies around the world.

Resellers and Partners

We value our resellers and partners. Resellers help distribute our data to a larger set of customers through different products, services and threat data stores. We consider Partners all the companies and individuals who contribute substantially to this project, with data or resources. As a community effort, we are very grateful to those who developed systems and software that make our life easier.

Malware Patrol Malware Patrol

Malware Patrol Malware Patrol

Business Partners

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Malware Patrol is searching for qualified partners and resellers to expand our protected user base. Contact us and together we will make the Internet a safer place for everybody.

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